Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It is essential to have a regular plan to analyse, review and improve your site as SEO is a constant battle with competitors and with google changes.  To begin with we generally like to do a current status report. This includes:
When making a website the areas we will go through with you include:

  1. Statement of objectives and new targets for traffic and ranking
  2. Analysis of two competitors’ websites (showing their website traffic compared to yours), relative ranking, commentary on their design, usability, content and SEO
  3. Perform keyword analysis to determine what your targeted visitors are searching for and create a plan for targeting these keywords.  Includes a minimum of 40 google keywords where you have a good chance of ranking well.
  4. Analysis of your website’s design, usability and content
  5. SEO analysis of your website
  6. Social Media Optimisation (SMO) analysis A plan to improve.

Many of our competitors do not divulge what is included in their plans but we strongly believe in being very open and keeping you in control.  
Using this report we will come up with a clear list of measurable goals and a plan to implement them. We can then put a process in place where we review your SEO on a monthly, quarterly or yearly schedule to ensure the results are constantly improved on going forward. The outline of these reports are tailored for each company but usually cover most of the following.





Competitor analysis


Search engine visitors

Analysis of search engine traffic for 5 competitors

Keyword targeting


Review of top 10 keywords

Analysis of search keyword popularity and analysis of similar ‘broad match’ keywords

Page rank for top 10 keywords

Google search results ranking

Traffic and conversions


Traffic analysis

Analyse visitors, page views, bounce, sources, investigate reason for decrease or increase

Conversion analysis (e-commerce)

Analyse sale value, conversion rates, lost sales

Lead generation

Analyse lead generation

Social media analysis

Analyse social media activity


Facebook likes, shares, Facebook impressions, traffic to your site from Facebook

Google +






Corrective action plan

Where there has been a significant decrease in any of the above, investigate and prepare action plan to correct

Compare performance with targets

Prepare report on performance against targets

Provide report on all of the above


SEO is treated like a black box mystery. Our process will explain in clear non-technical jargon where you currently stand in Google Ranking – outline what needs to be done to improve this and finally report back on results.