Smart Mobile App Advertising Tricks

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Mobile apps are usually preferred by businesses as a means of stimulating customer loyalty and boosting interaction. A study completed by Comscore has recently shown that more than 80 percent of mobile media time is spend using an app. In other words, customers enjoy spending more time checking out the app of a company/site rather than the web site itself. If you are looking to improve your brand with the help of apps and step into the mobile era with both feet at a time, here are a few tips to try.

Get Your Mention On A Device Carrier Page

When your business gets closer to a large app store market, carrier or OEM, you will get to send the right signal to your potential prospects and already existing customers. Each of the previously mentioned parties strives to raise awareness of their offers for consumers, so if you can get your app to become noticed and voted as one of the best/most promising apps of the month, you are one step closer to success. Take a look at how apps are currently discovered by users and try to work your way in.

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Use Special Tools To Make Your App Be Found Faster  

Apple and Android have easy app store navigation and their search results are returned based on popularity –the volume of downloaded apps – along with quality (ratings). You can use a special tool to enhance the chances of your app being found on these stores, and there are many advertising companies who specialize in creating services catering to these exact needs. If you are currently working as a Ladbrokes affiliate and you are promoting any of the gambling, gaming, sports betting, or financial verticals there, you will be handed with a great number of promoting tools. Nevertheless, if you are truly interested in making those CPA deals, RevShare, or Hybrid Deals go through the ceiling, you will need to use something extra. Since the majority of the Ladbrokes products already come with their own app attached, you will need to make sure you can raise awareness on the respective Sports or Poker app among your prospects. What you can do is use handset detection to identify the handset and automatically drive traffic to the app so you can simplify the work of users looking for the app in the app store where it can be found – in this case Ladbroke apps are available for both iOS and Android users. Finally, make sure you match up the tools that Ladbrokes has already provided you with to keep track of the new members you have brought to the platform.